Dating Mature Women- Dos & Don’ts

Dating Mature WomenWhilst browsing through the single members online a profile stands out from the crowd, a woman with blonde highlighted hair just above her shoulders, a smouldering smile, a cheeky show of cleavage and clearly confident. You check to make sure she is single, where she lives, and oh, her age. She’s 10 years older than you, maybe more. Do you find this an immediate turn off or a turn on?

Increasingly more men are dating mature women, not because of the status it has in front of their mates, but because of the simplicity of the relationship. A mature woman knows exactly what she wants, tells you straight what it is and what its not, knows how to treat a man and plays no games. Sound like something you could be interested in? Then start your search. There’s no need to deal with insecurities, dramas or pettiness of dating someone your age, it’s acceptable to date older.

We’ve constructed a few bits of vital information you need to know when looking to date a mature woman. By no means are these rules you have to follow, just guidelines.

Do’sMature woman profile pic

  1. Make sure you have a picture on your profile; no woman wants to be approached by someone who hides behind the dummy picture.
  2. Keep your profile short and straight to the point, no fluffy language. Always make it as honest and interesting as you can. Long paragraphs area no, no.
  3. Always be upfront, let her know what you are looking for so that there is no confusion along the way.
  4. Be mature at the important times and silly at the times it doesn’t matter.
  5. Call her to arrange a date (that’s if she doesn’t call you first. She will prefer to be spoken to rather than having to read impersonal texts).
  6. Be confident with having a mature woman on your arm, you could receive a few looks so be sure to shake them off.
  7. Spend your date listening, the more interested you are in her, the more she will be into you.
  8. Compliment and be a gentleman always, offer to pay for the first date that’s if she allows you. She will be used to looking after herself and is likely to be independent so try to break the mould and be romantic.

Do not’s

  1. If you receive no response to your message accept that she is not interested, do not pester. It appears weak and is a major turn off.
  2. Do not acknowledge her age, she’s aware of the difference. Also do not mention the word cougar, she could be offended.
  3. No game playing, she will suss you out immediately and spit you out.
  4. Don’t assume that she is on her just for casual relationships, she might be looking for a full on relationship. Communication is key, preferably before you get too involved.
  5. Do not becoming clingy, understand that she has her own established life to carry on with when she isn’t seeing you.

Why it’s important to give a real email address.

I wanted to write a quick blog post to explain why it is so important for your sex life to give us a real email account.

Email and password
The email feild!


The bottom line here is that we want you to have as much sex a possible. Hundreds of messages are sent back and forth everyday on The main reason people know that someone has written to them is because they get email alerts, (just like you would on facebook). Then you can reply right there on your mobile, rather than just signing into your account in the evening when you get home (and realising you have 7 messages). It has been proven that people who get email alerts, send more messages and in turn have more sex.The problem is that some people enter fake email addresses, so when someone sends them a message on the site, the email goes to their fake email. Then it could be weeks before that user signs back onto their account to realise they have a message. Then, at that point, the other member who showed interest could be shagging someone else.

(Also fake emails can be forgotten, so you might never be able to sign back into your account.)

People enter fake emails for one of four reasons.

The first is because they don’t want to be linked back to the site in any way at all.

The second is because they think it’s quicker

The third reason is because they are lying about who they are or pretending to be someone else.

And the final reason is because they are afraid they are going to get loads of junk mail.

Let me address each of these points in turn.

Being linked to our site.

We do not store any email addresses when people sign up to our site, we do not ask for any further information such as credit card details or home address when you sign up. This means the only way we can contact you is email, but rest assured. If you signed up and decided ten minutes later you wanted to leave, you can cancel your account and we will no longer have your email. There will not be any trace that you were on the site at all.

A quicker sign up 

Over the years we have made the sign up process as quick as possible.

It is now only a three step process with only two boxes you have to type in, one of which being email. Also in order to stop fake users signing up we have a way that our sign up box will detect emails that don’t exist. So you could actually be there longer trying to find a fake email that works than just entering your own email.

Member lying about who they are or pretending to be someone else.

A real members profile
A real members profile

We go to great lengths to make sure that the people on our site are real! In an ideal world we would want 100% of the people signing up to our accounts to be real people actively looking for sex. If you are entering a fake email just because you want to go on the site and pretend to be someone your not, we would rather you didn’t sign up at all! Fake users water down our database and make it harder for genuine users to meet up for sex. If you are a fake user entering a fake account you will be deleted and banned. You might as well enter real details and start having some real sex!

Junk Mail

We will only ever email you for two reasons.

1.Someone on the site has messaged you and might want to meet for sex.

2.We have an offer on.

Both of these email alerts CAN be turned off although we don’t advise it. We can guarantee you that we will never send you junk emails and we promise that none of your details are stored let alone passed onto third party companies that could send you spam. Junk mail is something you definitely don’t have to worry about.


If you still have reservations about signing up with the email you use everyday. Why not get a secondary email account which you use just for our website. That way you have a real email but it is not appearing with all your other emails.

The right Granny Chat Up Lines Will Help You Get Laid

When it comes to bedding a dirty older woman it all comes down to saying the right thing at the right time. Our grannies like a man to show off his confidence, to be assertive whilst not to come across as an arrogant pig. It’s all about having the right granny chat, the banter and the lines that will woo a mature lass into the bedroom, without resulting in you getting a slap across the face. So how does a young, spunky guy full of beans get to know what to say? Well sit back dear reader, as we talk you through the best way to speak to our older, female members at

Start off by getting her attention

anyone can chat up a granny for sexSo you’re logged into your account and you’ve found a mature lady that you like the look off.  She lives local to you, and shares the same interests, be it oral sex, swinging, or sucking toes on a Sunday morning. You can tell she is quite popular due to the amount of gits and winks she’s received, which means you need to get her attention with something more than just, ‘Hi, how are you?’.  What do you say? Well we recommend starting off with something out the box, a bit wacky, but sure to get a response. Keep it light-hearted at this point, and never go in with what you really want straight away. I.e never open with, ‘Do you want to meet for sex?’ It’s a sure fire way to not get a reply.

Go for something more along the lines of, ‘I was thinking about robbing the local bank and I’m really in need of an accomplice. If you’re interested I’ll need to know your strengths and what you can bring to this partnership’. This might sound a bit cheesy, but what it does is introduce yourself as a funny, friendly guy, whilst posing a situation that the two of you are involved with, and more important that you think shes a good match for you, without actually having to say it. You’re also leaving it on a question at the end, which will illicit a reply.

Make sure you chat her up, not down!

So your opening chatup line worked. You’ve got the attention of the woman of your dreams. If everything has gone to plan she should have replied with some in reply to our first message. Now you’ve got her on the same wave length it’s time to start moving the conversation down a more dirty path.  Start by mentioning her interests, so for example, if she’s into sucking dick, mention it’s something about the fact that you like to receive it, and that you’re a match made in heaven.

Whatever you do at this point keep things flirty, don’t go getting too heavy yet, you still want to build interest and intrigue in who you are. Keep the questions coming in, but heat them up a bit. We really liked one message thread we once saw that was between a younger guy and his favourite granny. It was basically the two of them linking each other porn clips and exclaiming they would love to be doing that with each other. Although be warned, this isn’t always going to work so make sure you read how the conversations going before you just drop in a clip to your number 1 bukakke clip.

Remain friendly and polite, whilst teasing

chatting up women is easier onlineWomen love to be teased, it’s one of the best ways to build attraction. We can’t recommend it enough, it’s what ultimately will keep you in a dominate position throughout the chat. Just make sure you don’t say anything that’s too cutting or controversial. For example if she looks like she might have issues surrounding her weight, don’t say something like, ‘I see you have a few extra pounds. I guess that’s more cushin’ for the pushin!’ This will no go down well, and will definitely end you up getting blocked.

Try and tease in a provocative, sexy way. It’s good to say something like, ‘I bet I could make you cum more than you could make me.’ Again this gets your intentions across, without you having to directly say them. If she starts to tease you back, great, this is a great indicator that she feels beneath you, and is trying to retaliate to even the playing field. If this happens make sure you play down her responses, again tease, but in a friendly manner, don’t just belittle her or embarrass her. This will not go down well at all.

Reap the rewards of your granny chat up lines

If you’re lucky you might be able to move through this sequence of granny chat ups within a day, but that would depend on how active you both are. Hopefully you’ll both be taking full advantage of our optimised mobile site, that will allow you to keep chatting even when you’re not at a computer. For most people it might take several days to a week, but you’ll know when you’re at the point of asking to meet up because you’ll be noticing her replies are becoming more frequent, she might even be messaging you, more than your messaging her – which is the perfect scenario.

At this point it’s time to just dive in and find out when she wants to meet. Even if she’s not ready for it, she’ll be polite and want to continue talking with you until she does. Suggest meeting up for drinks at a bar, or pub, somewhere local and not too noisy (night club is out of the question) but also not too dead, you don’t want to creep her out by meeting at a graveyard, or that nice secluded alleyway you know about… Just remember to have fun, be cool, stay witty, and enjoy all the benefits of having as much granny sex as you could possibly want.

Make new Granny Contacts

If you’r reading this latest post then chances are you’re interested in making some new granny contacts. Possibly you’ve tired finding some on other websites and not had much luck, or perhaps you’ve had been meeting up with the same mature woman for sometime now and are a bit bored? Whatever your reason you’ve made the right choice coming over to and seeing what we offer. So sit back, get a cuppa ready, and let us spend the  next few paragraphs explaining how easy and simple it is to meet new grannies using our dating site.

Start off with the best chance of success

sexy granny is looking for new contactsIf you’re going to try and hook-up with new partners for dating, sex or just a friendly cup of tea ( a bit boring by our standards, but whatever floats your boat) you’re better off starting with the biggest selection of people to contact. In the case of our site, and the fetish we cater for, it’s grannies – You need to be in the place that has the highest amount of active, older, female members to give you the biggest chance of meeting up with one. It’s just simple maths, the more members available for you to message, the higher the percentage that will meet up with you. Simple. So now you’re probably thinking, okay, sounds like a solid theory, but where am I meant to go to find this illusive pool of grans? Well, the answer to that my friend is, right here. Yes this very site, (although not this part, this is just the blog section)If you were to click the sign up button in the menu, or navigate to the home button you would see that is a mature sex dating site, full of experienced ladies looking to have their sexual frustrations satisfied by willing, horny guys.

Make a good first impression

So now you know where to start your adventure into meeting new contacts, it’s time to understand how to make that all vital, first impression. If you use our dating site, be warned, you are going to come across hundreds of thousands of dirty older women which you’re going to want to meet. Our advice, keep it local to start with, use the search tool and only search for members within a 5 mile radius to you. If you can’t fin a suitable match after that, start broadening your search by an additional 10 – 15 miles. If you still can’t find a mature lady you like the look of… well maybe this isn’t the right site for you? Although we pretty much guarantee you will. So you’ve found you perfect match, or perhaps they have found you… How things progress from here is very much down to that all important first impression they get from seeing, and reading your profile. To keep things simple we have broken down the best practices to use when making your profile into an easy, digestible bullet point list,

  • Have at least one profile photo – make it clear, (and preferably of you) The naughtier the better.
  • Make sure you give yourself a name, either your real name or a nickname you’re called.
  • Add a little description about yourself – Even Hi my name is Rob I like older pussy, is better than nothing! Believe us this counts for a lot.
  • We can’t stress this one enough, add in your interests – If you’re interested in swinging and love eating cream off saggy tits, let people know!
  • Similarly put down what you’re looking for

Okay, we  realise this all sounds so obvious, but you would be amazed how many guys do no add this simple stuff to their profile, and then complain that they’re not getting any interest…. By adding details like this to your profile you are painting a picture to any granny that reads it. If you share the same interests as them, or make them laugh with something humors in your description your twenty times more likely to get a message from them, and that starts the rapport that will eventually go on to helping you get laid.

How to move from online talking, to offline fucking

Find more granny contacts online with once you’ve contacted a member and you’re engaging in casual, flirty chat it’s time to step it up and show your intentions. Of course please don’t do this too soon, as you don’t want to scare anyone off you, but maybe liven the talk up with some new dirty images you took, or perhaps stat a game by sharing your favourite sex positions – anything that turns the topic of conversation into more sexy territory.

From there suggest to meet up for a drink. Don’t expect this to lead to sex on the first date, probably 7 / 10 times it doesn’t, but pack a condom just in case. Organise a meeting point that is local to both of you, and somewhere in public proximity, say a bar, or restaurant (although a meal can be a bit awkward for first meet-ups.) While together try and keep the conversation flowing, be flirty without being too full on, and witty without being too cocky, don’t try and instigate anything afterwards, unless of course you are getting the right signals. Kiss goodbye and go home.

If everything has gone smoothly, you can better you bottom dollar that you’ll be contact with a day or two asking for a follow up, where things will quickly progress to the bedroom.  Then all you have to do is repeat this procedure for the next month and before you know you’ll be making more new granny contacts than you’ll know what do with. You might as well keep an overnight bag with you at all times, because you’re going to be needing it a lot!

How we are the safest Granny site on the net?

In the last post, I ran you through some of the different types of members we get signing up. From the hard core members who are literally just on the site to find sex, to the members who might be dipping their toe into Adult dating for the first time.

Obviously what types of members sign up is very important to us because ultimately it effects what kind of an experience you have when you are on the site.

Mature woman on Bed
Safely browse through our saucy members.

Our goal is to create a site that is full of members just like you. People who are actively looking for a fling. In an ideal world we would have a database full of people who are only interested in finding a new mature fuck buddy.

However sadly we cannot provide 100% of sexually seeking users. There will be a small amount of time wasters. So how do we go about getting rid of these?

Back when we started in 2008 we only really looked into profiles that people had complained about, but as the site grew we realised this was not going to be enough. So we began looking into random profiles on the site and slowly removing any time waster. But the problem is the site continued to grow to the size we are now with over 500 users signing up a day. So what is the Answer?

A team working around the clock, 7 days a week!

Yes that’s right, we have team of people working in shifts around the clock checking EVERY SINGLE PROFILE.

Here is a coupe of things we look out for

  1. Fake email addresses
  2. Foreign email addresses
  3. Fake profile photos
  4. Broken English

However, do not fear. If you do own a foreign email address. We do not simply remove these people, we will send them an email to verify if they are real users, if we do not get a response, we then remove them.

Constant Monitoring

However we do not stop there. We are constantly monitoring users on the site we suspect might not be who they say they are. We can double check to see if they are spamming any of our users or sending abusive message and we do have a zero tolerance on this.

We also listen to our users, if any one profile is flagged we instantly investigate.

Online dating protector

On top of this we have recently joined up with Online dating protector who also have their own team of 24/7 moderators with highly effective anti scam software. They also scrawl through our members to make sure everyone really is who they say they are.

Grannies with tits out
All Members checked!

I hope this has given you a taste of how seriously we take spammy or fake users. We really do go out of our way to make sure when you are on the site you are safe and secure. Then the only thing you do have to worry about is where your next shag is coming from.

If you experience any issues on our site at all or have any reason to believe someone isn’t who they say they are please let us know as soon as possible. Or even call our help line on 0800 987 5555.  We hope you enjoy your time on our site.

Different types of members on our site.

We set out with one goal and that was to help men and women meet up for sex.

Because of the nature of our site we do attract some voyeuristic people who are just coming on the site to look. Don’t get me wrong, they are not doing any harm. BUT ultimately we want our database to be full of people who are actively looking for sex.

Gran looking for sex
Member looking for sex

I mean it is one thing to browse, then, when you find someone you like, send them a message to meet up for sex. But what we don’t want is people on the site who don’t really have any intent of moving things along with other members.

See we always try and look at our site from the point of view of someone signing up for the first time. Personally it would really annoy me if I had to message 5 people before finding one who actually wanted sex.

Different users

 From our experience there are 4 different type for people who sign up to our site


  1. People who are actively looking for sex
  2. People who are browsing with the long term goal of finding sex
  3. People who are just signing up for mature chat. But have no intent to meet up for sex.
  4. People who are just browsing and have no intent to chat or meet for sex.

Now, I have also numbered these different types of users in order of importance to our site. Here is why.

People who are just browsing are good but only because they might go on to become one of the other three types. Apart from that, they are not really any good to anyone, so we really try to make sure as few of these people sign up as possible.

Seeking sex
Hardcore member

We have a huge audience of people who are just signing up for sexy chat. These might range from married people who are just looking for a bit of a flirt but are not looking for a full-on affair. Or they could be people who are just getting into the online dating game, who might just be dipping their toe in the water so to speak. To us, these users are great for creating a sense of community, also a lot of these users do tend to become “type 2” in our list above.

Number two, these people are the kind who, do want sex but they like to get to know people a little better before meeting up. This is perfectly understandable and actually, all members are this type at one point. (After all you don’t just message someone saying, “What time shall we meet for sex?”)

These users are great, they allow for a more exciting chat experience, as you know there is a high chance you will meet for sex soon.

However when all said and done the first type of users are by far the best. These are the “hardcore” people who really are just looking for sex, they don’t really want to spend lots of time getting to know each other. They just want to meet up as soon as possible.

Now our goal is to get as many of “type 1” and “type 2” on the site as possible.  But the question is how do we go about doing this? And how do we spot the complete time waster and get rid of them?

This is something I will go into in much more detail in our next post.

Check out our mature dating video!

We recently made a video to help showcase the sexy older women available to meet on our mature sex dating website UK.

Click play on the video below to see some of the potential members you could meet using our website. This is just a random selection of the millions of mature women available to meeting locally.

We hope you liked the video. If it’s got you want to meeting some mature ladies then sign up now for a free membership trial.

Granny swinging

The shoe is now officially on the other foot! Women have taken up pursuing men for sex and they are clearly doing it a lot better than the guys who once chased them for a shag. If you have any doubts about this declaration, you should try out the granny swinging scene and then come back with a report on the state of affairs.

The mature swingers being discussed here are a bunch of dirty older women who are constantly looking for playmates to fuck. If you care to find them, simply go online and look for local swinger grannies or filthy over fifty sluts from your area. The results of your search will without a doubt shock you.

Online you will be spoilt for choice once you find the tonnes of sexy grannies, mature swingers,  and dirty older women who want nothing more than a good hard fuck. A word of caution however, do not play with these sex maniacs if you have a bad heart, their sex games can get really intense and cause cardiac or other forms of arrest! ;))

This granny swinging slut works hard to make sure you stay hard!
This granny swinging slut works hard to make sure you stay hard!

Granny Slappers

With a range of sites out there to find granny slappers it really is hard trying to work our which is the best to go with. The purpose of this blog is to tell you why we should be your number one “go-to” site when trying to find your next sexual conquest.


It really comes down to three major points.


  1. The biggest database.
  2. The most women.
  3. The easiest site to use.


Let me run you through these points in a little more detail.


The biggest database- We started in 2006. We were the ORIGIONAL mature lady site on the market. Then after about two year competitor sites started. So, we have over two years of extra members built up that other sites don’t have. On top of this we have an extra experience. Over the years we have listened to our customers and helped them with their needs. Because we have changed the site to suit them we have naturally attracted more customers.  This means one thing,



Granny Slapper in black
Slapper in leather


Let us worry about the experience and you can just worry about meeting your next shag. Over the years our membership has grown and grown with over 500 people signing up EACH DAY in the UK alone.


We have people signed up from London right down to the smallest villages in the welsh valleys. In fact over the years we have created filters to allow men and women filter down their search results. Obviously this is great for helping you find the right partner but it also points out one major thing. Our site has too many people to browse. We have had to introduce new filters to help our members filter down the results.


The second point is that we offer the most women. I know a lot of you read the statistic that 500 people sign up a day and think that is probably just men but the most shocking statistic is that close to 50% of these are women. See these aren’t young girls who go out to the clubs every weekend. These are lonely house wives, divorcees, widows. Women who struggle to find men just as much as men struggle to find women. This equals out the playing field so to speak. Suddenly you have a situation where the women are gagging for sex as much, if not more than the men. This obviously keeps both the men and women very very happy. Why do we think the most women sign up to our site? I think this boils down to the fact that we offer the easiest website to use with genuine authentic members.

Slapper in black lingerie
Sarah the slapper


Finally why do we have the easiest platform to use? We have tested our platform with a whole range of people and listened to feedback. Anything that was hard to understand was made easier. We have tried to make the platform as straight forward to use as possible so hopefully you can forget your using a program and just enjoy the experience of browsing through our range of granny slags and dirty men. We aim to make the site as intuitive as possible. So if you decide you want to meet a mature woman with blond hair, who enjoys giving blowjobs, you can easily filter down the results. We have made the profiles as easy to navigate so you can get as much information as you need from one of our users before deciding if you want to send them a wink or a message.


Feel free to have a click around on our site or sign up for your free membership trial. We do not expect any card details, just your name and a valid email address. If you don’t like the service then cancelling your membership is easy and we will never bother you again. Good luck with finding your next shag!


Weekly Member Claire

large dirty claire sex

Name: Claire
Age: 51
From: London

Hi, bi-curious girl (well….) who’s just joined so still finding my way. My husband doesn’t feel it’s his role to satisfy me, and thinks my drive has gone. How wrong he is!

What do I want, a man (or girl, maybe both!) who enjoys pleasuring me orally, manually (no fisting or anal thank you), with toys or a good hard cock, real or strapped on to a buxom girl whilst I suck her and myself. In return I love licking and sucking, the taste of cum on my tongue drives me mad. A fragrant pussy would be just as nice.

Am I asking too much is is there anyone out there?? Xx

Click Here to Message Claire Now.